Will cryptio mining in 2020 be profitable?

Crypto digging is definitely a demanding field, which is an integral part of the industry. We can contribute directly to supporting our favourite digital assets by helping to maintain the network. With the right strategy, this can still be extremely profitable. Many people are thinking about investing in equipment. What’s more, they’ve spent hours calculating the profitability of extraction itself. We asked an expert in digital mining about this. This is exactly what Michał Stryjewski, the CEO of Unlimited, specializes in providing specialist equipment.

Is this still a game worth a candle?

In fact, there are many aspects that we have to take into account when calculating the return on investment if we are going to start cryptocurrency digging. You can’t completely say about these factors that one is more important than the other. Everyone is just as important.

The only correct strategy that is recommended for those interested in digging is one that allows us to reduce our investment risk to an absolute minimum. What exactly do we mean by that?

Choosing the right cryptocurrencies digging equipment is the basis
When you consider the possibility of new and much more efficient devices, you should buy a machine that is just entering the market. The first-come, first-served principle works perfectly here. The difficulty of extraction grows with the addition of new excavators to the network, which means that every mineral that follows, with the same equipment, will earn slightly less than the previous one. The stronger the machine is, the more work is done in the blockchain networks themselves, and thus we are paid much more. This very year BTC hashrate reached its highest ever value.

Cryptic digging and renewable energy sources

Photovoltaic panels or a wind turbine are additional elements that will save money on electricity. At the moment, RES is already being used by about 75% of miners that extract Bitcoins.

And what is an FPGA?

A programmable gateway matrix is a special integrated circuit, which has a wide range of applications in the technology itself. From image and signal processing to high difficulty math and general calculations. FPGA chips are remotely programmable, right after purchase by the customer. They can be customized and configured for individual needs.

Why FPGA excavators?

The FPGA certainly has several advantages. We must point out that it is faster than the GPU and also much more flexible than the ASIC. This means nothing else but that the FPGA can really be a profitable tool to extract cryptocurrenciesthat are not adapted to ASICs. This is why the FPGA should not compete completely with ASICs, but actually with the GPU. As you can see, it is not so complicated.

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