Trump’s counselor: “You have to think about the digital dollar.”

President Donald Trump isn’t exactly the hero of the BTC fan fairy tale. In one of his tweets he even wrote that the cryptos (including the digital Facebook currency Libra) is a tool for terrorists and criminals. It turns out, however, that he has people around him who look more favourably at new technologies. One such person is Trump’s economic advisor.

Trump’s advisor wants a digital dollar

Judy Shelton is the economic advisor to President Donald Trump. Her views may appeal to crypto fans. For example, she is known for her support for the return to gold standard and criticism of the Federal Reserve. Trump announced on July 2, 2019 that he will nominate her to the Federation. Her nomination is currently in progress in the Senate. She is one of the two nominees.

“We need a digital currency … but rather to help maintain the primacy of the dollar throughout the world.”

– she said now.

Dopped by the crypto portal CoinDesk added:

“I think this is an extremely important discussion and I agree with your assessment: I think we have to think about it.”

The U.S. authorities on cryptovalent people

The topic of the attitude of the U.S. authorities to the cryptocurrencies is back. During the last debate in the Congress, Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin talked about how the authorities plan to strengthen their actions on the negative effects of digital currencies from next year:

“We intend to introduce some important new requirements in FinCEN [Financial Criminal Enforcement Network]. We want to make sure that the technology is moving forward, but on the other hand we want to make sure that the cryptocurrencies are not used as counterparts to old Swiss bank accounts with a secret number”.

This does not, however, invalidate the plans to issue FedCoin, as the digital dollar has already been called. It may become a necessity in the era of digitised national currencies. Perhaps this year, the digital yuan will see the light of day. In addition, the European Central Bank, but also Japan and France are working on their digital currency in theory. In Poland, the work on such a project – called dPLN – was conducted by Professor Krzysztof Piech.

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