Steemit. What is it? – Earn crytptos as a writer

How to earn money from your online activities? This is where you can be rewarded for publishing your content and vote for those posted by others. His name is Steemit and he’s just going through a new phase in his history.

How do you earn money from content publishing?

The Steemit social platform was created in 2016 by Daniel Larimer and Ned Scott. It is based on an idea already used in the creation of the Medium, but the difference is that it uses blockchain technology, and you can earn money from it. The way to do this is to publish your own content. The more you like it, the higher the income you can get from cryptography.

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Remuneration is allocated in the “local” Steem crypto and depends on the number of positive votes received from other system participants. But they can also cast negative votes that reduce our profit. We can also influence the remuneration received by other users for their content. You can also vote for yourself, and we are able to check at any time who supported you or harmed you with your votes.

Simple registration with Steemit

Registering on the Steemit platform is not too complicated. The registration itself is completely free and requires only your email address and phone number. The verification usually takes up to 2 weeks. You can also access your account immediately after registering, but for this you need to pay a fee using one of the payment methods allowed in the system.

Steemit goes to TRON

Steemit is taking a big step in his development, joining forces with Justin Sun’s TRON foundation. This is of course related to the sale of the platform by Scott, who after 4 years of its development decided to focus on other business projects, and by the way informed that this decision was influenced by private matters. The agreement of both parties is a strategic partnership. According to it, both the platform itself and all decentralized applications based on blockchain Steem will land on blockchain TRON.

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Scott calms the frightened

As is often the case with such changes, concerns about the future have arisen. Some Steemit users are very cautious about the future of this platform on another blockchain. They are reassured by Scott himself, who argues that a new stage in development is a great opportunity for Steemit. In his opinion, TRON can achieve even more. He added that for 4 years from difficult beginnings with a small budget and a team whose biggest asset was passion and ideals, a lot has already been done, but the platform still has a lot of development potential.

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Farewell of Scott to Steemit means that none of the two founders and originators of the project are involved anymore. Larimer “disappeared” much faster. In 2017 he chose a different path of professional development and accepted the position of Director for Technology at EOS.

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