Professor MIT: blockchain is not suitable for voting

IT expert at MIT Ronald Rivest said that blockchain is not the right technology for voting in democratic systems, although it may be suitable for many other areas.

Professor MIT was skeptical

Yesterday we prepared an extensive article for us on how a chain of blocks can change democracy. At the beginning, we suggest that you read it. You’ll find it here.

Today we will present the other side of the medal. Rivest presented his blockchain critical opinion at the RSA Security Conference in San Francisco this week. He wrote about the case at ITWire.

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Rivest – an expert in cryptography and a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – identified an interesting issue and a problem that could be solved with technology. However, the issue requires a very strict approach compared to what many existing applications for counting and recording votes offer.

“Blockchain is bad technology when it comes to voting security. (…) It is good in itself, but it is not suitable for voting.”

– he said.

According to Rivest, voting is an area that does not require advanced technologies, and anonymity in this process only complicates audit issues.

“Blockchain technology really doesn’t fit in here for several reasons. One is that we’ve learned that we need independence from software.”

– he added. He probably meant the Iowa affair.

He thinks it’s already dangerous to base trust on a computer program.

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Blockchain is a big dump?

Rivest further elaborated on this. Rivest compared the data on the blockchain to the garbage that we all keep. forever. But can such a comparison really be used for voting?

It’s also worth putting the speech of a scientist from MIT into a certain time context. We are still fresh from the Iowa scandal. The Democratic Party conducted one of the stages of the primary election for a presidential candidate from its camp there. Unfortunately, the counting software failed all over the line. The results of the primary election were only known after three days. But the program was not based on blockchain…

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