PlusToken continues to transfer the crypto to anonymous wallets

New evidence suggests that more batches of stolen Bitcoins, associated with the PlusToken Internet fraud, are now being transferred to mixers. If that’s true, it could mean two things. First, that not all the project leaders have been arrested. In addition, we may also fear that those at large will cyclically sell their resources on the stock exchanges.

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PlusToken: Life after life

One of many analysts tracking suspicious wallets that are probably linked to PlusToken has now provided evidence that as many as 13,000 stolen Bitcoins are being transferred to mixers. ErgoBTC published a tweet in which he wrote about the discovery.

As early as last month, as many as 11 999 Bitcoins were moved to anonymous addresses. However, the amount has been divided into smaller parts, so that all traces can be more easily hidden and erased. Already then, thieves could prepare to sell their loot when the BTC price started to rise. It is possible that they now want to continue their strategy. This is bad news, because their tactics will make it difficult for the market to grow. Why? Because they will cyclically dump the price of the main cryptocurrency.

However, it is worth adding that earlier attempts to mask the movements of people from PlusToken have ended in failure. The crypto community quickly discovered what is happening.

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Scam on a large scale

PlusToken is the biggest crypto scam in the world so far. It was a wallet for digital currencies. It offered quite attractive interest in exchange for storing money on it. Only that everything turned out to be a fraud. At one point, the project bosses disappeared from BTC, but also other crypto players. We’re talking about taking over 200,000 Bitcoins.

Although the project is generally no longer working, it is still a threat to the market.


Remember that if someone offers you a surprisingly good offer on cryptcurrencies and making money on any other assets, you should think carefully before you deposit any money into this company’s accounts. Interesting business propositions happen on the market, but it is rather doubtful that someone will guarantee you an almost passive and high income without risk.

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