Morpher airdrop – $120 worth of free cryptos

Lately, we have devoted little space to airdrops, as they did not seem worthy of recommendation to anyone. Finally, we have something interesting for you, a gem called Morpher airdrop. These are free cryptocurrencies worth $120 and require no deposit.

What’s Morpher?

It’s a perfectly legal Austrian company, supported by Tim Draper, a billionaire and a great enthusiastic cryptographer. A perfect combination. Morpher declared to do something interesting for the Quora community. The users’ opinions about the platform being created aroused interest. Of course, everyone has the right to make a proposal.

On this platform you can trade the 500 most popular shares, including Apple, Facebook, Tesla, as well as the most popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, BAT, as well as trading oil, corn, gold and Forex 24/7, 24 hours a day, without paying any trading fees. This is a novelty, because there is no such thing on any platform. Auction trading does not take place at night and is subject to many restrictions.

How does it happen when it’s not so easy? By creating synthetic assets to keep the contract on the market, not necessarily the whole (it can only be a part of it) and there is no need to actually have a market here. This is what allows you to avoid liquidity problems and activities related to the opening and closing of auctions.

How does airdrop Morpher work?

Airdrops were created to make tokens available to as many people as possible. Ultimately, this will enable the distribution of about 50% of Morpher tokens. For the first 10 thousand people who register for airdrop, 2 thousand tokens are provided. Next, each registered user will receive up to 1000 tokens. However, their number will decrease as more and more people will register. The first registered users who pass the KYC process increase their chances for faster application access.

Anyone who wants to register must provide a valid email, be at least 18 years old and have an identity document to pass a KYC / AML check and live outside the United States.

Tokeny Morpher – what is it?

Morpher was built on the Ethereum blockchain, and Tokenys Morpher itself is a cryptic based on the Ethereum. The Morpher Tokens are therefore compatible with most cryptographic portfolios available on the exchange and can be exchanged. These tokens serve as an investment currency, all transactions can be settled in them instead of in US dollars or Bitcoins.

What is the value of Morpher Tokens?

The value of tokens based on private pre-sale is estimated at 0.03 USD / per token. The price may, of course, change when you exchange them on a secondary crypto exchange. However, it cannot be guaranteed that this value of tokens will remain in the airdrops received. However, this estimate of their value is the best at the moment.

Why does Morpher offer free tokens?

Tokens are a key part of the Morpher platform, and we distribute them to people interested in using this platform. Morpher’s mission is to democratize finances. By bypassing the price valuation, you avoid a barrier to investment.

When can Morpher tokens be obtained?

They can be exchanged on the platform as soon as it is launched, which is scheduled for April 2020.

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