Juventus Turin football club, once again using blockchain technology.

The world-famous football club, Juventus Turin, once again benefits from blockchain technology. This time, fans of the White Lady are given the opportunity to collect virtual cards with their favorite players through blockchain Sorare cards.

Interestingly, according to Sorare, some unique cards were sold for $2000.

What is Sorare and how does it work?

Sorare is a football game that you can play using blockchain cards with images of players and win attractive prizes. Supported by the world’s video game giant, Ubisoft, has over 40 football clubs.

Sorare blockchain cards are digital collector’s items that can be freely exchanged and used in the open world of various games and applications. They have the basic attributes of typical Blockchain resources: they cannot be copied or taken away from the holder.

However, unlike other Blockchain assets such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, Blockchain cards are unique because they represent one and only one resource. They can be treated as limited edition works of art.

Individual cards represent a particular footballer and are related to a particular football season.

Due to their rarity, they can be divided into: unique, super rare (10 copies) and rare (100 copies).

For example: 111 Cristiano Ronaldo cards (one unique, 10 super rare and 100 rare) may be available in the game.

The rarer the card, the stronger it is in the game. Over time, the cards can gain experience (XP) and thus increase their power. Importantly, they are all officially licensed.

Cards, just like cryptocurrencies, can be stored in a wallet integrated in the browser. At any time the user has the possibility to transfer the card to the blockchain Ethereum. Likewise, each of them can be deposited from your wallet to play. Similar to a cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain with a stopover enter the sports world

This is not the first time that Juventus and other football clubs have had contact with the crypto and Blockchain. Not so long ago, an article about FC Barcelona’s cooperation with the Socios platform appeared on our portal. Using the Chiliz cryptocurrency (CHZ), it enables the tokenization of clubs. Juventus took advantage of this opportunity much earlier than Barcelona.

Football clubs can successfully use blockchain technology in their marketing activities. Fans, on the other hand, receive virtual resources and integrate more closely with their favourite club.

The benefits are mutual. Cryptocurrencies gain popularity and clubs increase their revenues from broadcasting digital content.

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