How to make crypto wallet on pendrive

There are many kinds of wallets for Bitcoin, but I would like to show you how easy it is to make your own safe wallet, at little cost.

We need one:

1)A portable Electrum application
2) Whatever flash drive, it doesn’t have to be big, small memories can be bought from 2-3$

We download Electrum portable directly to the flash drive.
After downloading Electrum application to our flash drive we run the file.
Bitcoin wallet of a flash driveWrite your wallet name.

Write your wallet name: Standard, two-factor or multi-signature.

The program will then ask whether to open a new wallet or load a seed. Click Create new seed to create a new wallet.

For greater security, the further part of the installation can be done offline, i.e. disconnect the Internet.
Write down the words from the next window on a piece of paper. These words are the so called SEED, the key with which we can reconstruct the wallet in case the pendriva is lost or damaged. This key must not be shown to anyone, it should be written in a safe place on a piece of paper or on another pendrive.
In the next window we have to rewrite our seed manually.
Then we enter our own password encrypting our wallet. It should preferably consist of at least 8 characters and contain small and capital letters, numbers and a special character e.g.: Hndf4#8mFd4xc.
Our wallet will be stored on a flash drive in the /electrum_data/wallets directory.

In order to fund your wallet, you enter the Receive, you will find our wallet address to which you can transfer Bitcoins from the stock exchange.

To further secure your wallet, during its creation you can choose the option “wallet with two factor autentication”, this is that each use of the wallet must be confirmed by a one-time code from the google autenticator application available on smartphones. This does not replace an ordinary password, it is simply another level of protection.

Thanks to this protection, there is no question of theft if the password or seed is not revealed. Our Bitcoins are secure and cut off from the network. We connect the flash drive to the computer only when we want to perform a transfer operation. It is similar to a hardware wallet, but a hardware wallet costs much more, and you can buy a flash drive for 3$ you can also use a smaller SD memory card. If you have a large amount of money in Bitcoins it is worth to protect yourself in this way. Keeping a cryptcurrencies on the exchange or wallets online is not safe.

Important: Wallet and seed passwords are never stored on a computer connected to the Internet. Virus, malware or other software can steal such data. A piece of paper or notebook is the best solution.

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