How much do we need Bitcoin to be in the top 1% of the richest

According to an analyst belonging to the BlockWorks Group, a certain Jake Levison… Well, what’s that? How much BTC do we need to have in order to be among the top one percent of the richest bitcoin holders in the world in the near future?

As all kinds of BitInfoCharts data show, only 2.17 percent of all Bitcoin addresses are owned by one or more BTC.

Of course, in fact, many people have more than 1 BTC in very different wallets. However, the actual number of people who own one full BTC coin is actually quite small and ranges from 500,000 to one million.

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No 1 BTC? It is not all lost yet!

If we haven’t managed to get 1 BTC so far, don’t worry about it. Jake Levison says that 0.28 BTC is really enough for us to statistically be among the 1% bitcoiners (in terms of the amount of coins we own, of course). And how did he come to that conclusion? We are also interested in when this scenario is likely to come true?

So let’s get to the point

Levison’s tweeting among many of us has caused quite a bit of excitement. With euphoria came the time of questions and doubts. And where did this respect come from? When can this even happen?

One of Levison’s faithful followers pointed to a post by the author of Parker Lewis – from Unchained Capital, entitled Bitcoin Obsoletes All Money. He sent a post showing that around 2030, average bitcoin balances could be around 0.001 BTC, assuming that there are actually close to a billion users online.

According to Levison, if we have 0.28 BTC, it’s actually happening.

The most popular cryptocurrencies except for Bitcoin and Ether.

He said he wanted to explain it once and for all. In his tweet, Levison said that if we have 0.28 BTC, only one percent of the rest of the world will be able to have more than you have. That’s where the one percent came from.

Somebody else noticed that this is not some bullshit argument. Of course, as always, the point of view depends on our point of sitting.

What has been said, in turn, implies a discussion about the unfair distribution of wealth. The point is that states, institutions, breeders and whales are only in possession of the lion’s share. Well, not everyone really came to the bitcoin revolution at the right time. Pretensions like that don’t seem very much justified.

And how about your bitcoin wealth? We don’t really have to share that information with absolutely everyone. We are convinced that all we need is a moment’s calculus in our own head and a smile will appear on many of our lips. As we see it looks quite interesting and very pleasant.

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