He deposited 6.5 million euros in the bank. He lost his money

Do any of you or your loved ones think that the money deposited in the bank is completely safe? The case of the Spaniard Francisco Guerrero, who described “El Pais”, shows something completely different.

The story of Guerrero

Guerrero lives in a small village near Castellon in Valencia, Spain. He is 68 years old and is a bricklayer by profession.

– One December day that year after returning home from work (2005 – author’s note), I found out that I was a millionaire,’ he told the media, ‘Initially I thought it was in old Spanish pesetas, because I couldn’t imagine such a sum in euros,’ he added.

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It’s hard to imagine the joy of Guerrero! Then it got worse. The bricklayer deposited all his winnings in one of the banks. He continued to work in his profession. He learned from the employees of the institution that the money is on deposit with an interest rate of 17% per year.
Two years have passed. The hero of the article “El Pais” came to the bank to pay out 30 thousand euros for the leg operation. There, he had a shock. It turned out that he lost all his money. In short, he decided that he was cheated.
Now he is a wild tenant in his own house, who has unknowingly mortgaged it.

“I’m getting treatment from a psychologist, I didn’t deserve it.”

– he described his condition to the media. He’s depressed and anxious.

Fighting the bank

The old man’s family decided to fight for money. On Thursday she already filed her fourth civil action against the bank. It’s all been going on for 14 years. In the three previous suits, the bank defended itself against the fact that Guerrero himself was unfamiliar with finances and was unaware of the consequences of investing in high-risk products. As you can see, the assets did not go into a safe deposit, but were spent on investment funds.

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– A bank employee told me that the money was in good hands, without risk, and I trusted him blindly. They ruined my life,” recalls the victim, “I never went to school, I don’t even know what profitability is. You give me a pickaxe and a shovel, I’ll do the job, but I don’t know anything about banks,” he adds.

So far, the court has decided that the bank is to return about 2.3 million euros to him and his children.

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