Ethereum platform – is it worth investing in ETH token?

In recent weeks, the Ethereum platform has again found itself in the area of interest of many investors. Of course, this is behind the spectacular 100 percent leap in the ETH course. However, in this text, we will consider the foundations of this growth. Is it at all justified?

Ethereum a token ETH platform

Recall that the Ethereum platform is a tool to generate smart contracts. Token ETH is in a way its currency (gas charges, which are needed to transfer funds within the Ethereum blockchain are expressed in it). It is probably the currency of interest for larger investors or a larger number of smaller ones. Alex Kruger, for example, noticed this. Why?

Low compared to ATH

First of all, ETH is still at a very low level on the chart from its maximum, and can be considered to come out of the lowdown only after it has broken through $400. Today a token costs only USD 280. At this price, the ETH is still more than 70 percent lower than the ATH at the turn of 2017 and 2018.

Changes in the network

The year 2020 also brought a lot of optimism about the ETH network. There is a great chance that the first phase of ETH 2.0 will be launched this year, thus heralding a new era for the whole project and the transition to another algorithm – Proof-of-Stake (PoS), but also improving blockchain scalability.

DeFi development

payment platform ethereum The growing DeFi market has also strengthened the investors’ view that ETH is, in a way, Internet money. In a sense, Token has become the foundation of this new financial landscape. Another thing is that this new technology is still going through the so-called teething pain, but if it is successful, the Ethereum platform and its token will also be successful.

Today, ETH is increasingly used in the cryptographic gaming industry, and Ethereum is the standard platform for most ICO, STO and other tokens.

Regardless of the claims of competing platforms such as Tron and EOS, Ethereum remains the industry standard for smart contracts and decentralized applications.

New ATH on the move?

Of course, writing about a new ATH on ETH/USD today is definitely premature. However, it can be assumed that if BTC/USD continues to grow and no catastrophe occurs during the project reform, the token may very positively surprise the “breeders”.

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