Coinbase is a major member of Visa. Coinbase Card will help you adopt BTC

One of the world’s leading crypto exchanges, Coinbase, has just become the official main member of Visa. Thus, it is the first such company from the BTC market to succeed. This may mean further development of the Coinbase Card service, which in turn can help in the adoption of crypto-payments.

Coinbase Card and Visa

“Our journey with Visa began in 2019 with the introduction of the Coinbase Card in the UK, a Visa debit card that allows customers to spend their crypto as easily as money in a bank account. Nine months later, Coinbase Card is available to customers in 29 markets (…)”.

– is written on the Coinbase website.

It is added later in the message:

“After the success of Coinbase, we are proud to be the first company in the cryptocurrencies ecosystem to achieve a major Visa membership. The membership will allow us to offer more features to customers using Coinbase; from additional services to support in more markets – all elements that will help develop and enrich the crypto payment experience.

“We will continue to build on this relationship with further initiatives that will make interaction with the cryptoes as smooth as possible for our clients.”

– And Coinbase adds.

Adoption will speed up?

Surely this message is a positive signal for people who think that a cryptic adoption is developing too slowly. Anyway, Coinbase says it’s not bad:

“More than half the customers who have registered with [the] Coinbase Card use it regularly, and the use of [the card] reaches [new] peaks in the UK, followed by Italy, Spain and France.

As you will probably admit, the average consumer doesn’t care if he pays for a new gadget or buns with American dollars, Euros, Polish zloty or francs. All the more so if he does it with a card. So maybe tools like the Coinbase Card are perfect for making the BTC adoption really quicker. “From financing holidays abroad to traveling by public transport,” Coinbase stresses the widespread use of the card.

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