Bitcoin wallets

There are many possibilities of portfolio selection depending on needs, security level, mobility.
I will present here the most popular bitcoin wallets.

Mobile wallet for smartphones

Blockstream Green, a mobile wallet from blockstream, one of the best mobile wallets, well secured, running fast and smooth. Available on Android and IOS.

Lisk mobile wallet from Lisk Foundation, allows you to keep both LSK Lisk and BTC Bitrcoin on it, well secured and fast. Available on Android and IOS

Trust Wallet Mobile Wallet, allows you to hold many different cryptovalut. Available on Android and IOS.

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet Mobile Wallet for Android.

Wallet of Satoshi A mobile wallet that supports both normal BTC transactions and lightning network instant transactions. We do not recommend keeping larger sums there, due to the developmental stage of Lightning Network.

Hardware wallet

Hardware portfolios These are small devices that look like a calculator or a flash drive depending on the manufacturer and have different security and encryption methods. They offer the greatest security of stored coins, provided that they are purchased as new directly from the manufacturer. The most popular are Ledger, KeepKey, Trezor.

Wallet as an application on a computer

Electrum Light bitcoin wallet, using it we do not need to download a long data chain, the wallet uses data on a remote server.
See how using Electrum you can make a very secure wallet on a flash drive – A secure wallet

Armory Computer application in two versions online and offline. Very well secured wallet.

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