Bitcoin the payment unit in the “Altered Carbon” world

I guess the entertainment world’s betting on blockchain and Bitcoin. After “Simpsons”, now cryptocurrencies appear in the universe of the next series. It’s Altered Carbon.

“Altered Carbon” and Bitcoin

The action “Altered Carbon” in the new season of the series takes place in 2410. As every supporter of decentralized crypto knows, by that time all Bitcoins have already been dug up. And, as it turns out, digital currencies are used in payments. Except not in everyday shops, but in the criminal underground.

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In one episode of the series Bitcoins – as the perceptive viewer will notice – are used for illegal transactions or smuggling.

So the creators of the series have two pieces of information for us. First, the good one. The cryptocurrencies will survive (hurray!). Now worse: they will be strongly connected with the criminal world. And that can make us sad…

As a matter of journalism, after Wikipedia, “Altered Carbon” is an American TV series produced by Virago Productions, Mythology Entertainment, Phoenix Pictures and Skydance Television. It is a fairly loose adaptation of Richard Morgan’s novel “Modified Carbon”.

All episodes of the first series were released on February 2, 2018 on the Netflix Internet platform. The production proved to be a hit, so a continuation of the second season was created.

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The Simpsons see it differently

It’s not the first time that filmmakers see BTC as a tool for the “bad guys”. All good luck to the future nice Simpson family.

In one of the last episodes of the animated series Lisa Simpson learns the rules of blockchain and crypto. Interestingly, she is helped by this video, the protagonist of which is the famous Jim Parsons himself from “The Big Jump Theory”. It is him who, in cooperation with the talking and dancing book, explains the intricacies of new technology.

“Every day I’m getting closer to becoming the money of the future. Not in your wallet, but in your computer!”

– a self-confident settlement book sings, which represents a chain of blocks here.

So who do you believe? The wise Lisa Simpson or the dark vision of netflix screenwriters? All we’re saying is that the Simpsons “knocked over” Donald Trump’s presidency and a lot of other events…

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