Bitcoin and work and career – How to look for a job in Bitcoin?

A lot of legends have grown around programmers, and two questions prevail in relation to this profession: is it easy for programmers to get a job and are their earnings much higher than the national average? What are the answers?

Programmers are sought after on condition that there is a demand for their services on the market, including Turbo Pascla or Cobola specialists, who will keep the existing software in operation. But is this a dream career path? With the vastness of technology and software languages, there is a dilemma of choice and you have to find the one that pays off best in the future.

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How about Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has been given enough publicity by the media to make this word known to everyone interested in the future of the IT industry. The truth is, however, that more attention should be paid to the word blockchain, which is a blockchain system technology designed for the controlled sharing of information over the Internet and accessible only to interested parties.

Is it possible to falsify blockchain?

Paper documents were protected against forgery and theft in safes, while copies were numbered and secured similarly. This involves increased security expenses, but in turn protects against the loss of content in the event of random events such as fire. This system had its advantages, but spying systems like small cameras showed that it was very easy to steal them by copying.

Blockchain is based on a different philosophy, and above all digital recording and dispersal of data in a peer-to-peer network. The result is that we have multiple copies, and damage to one can easily replace the other. Importantly, they cannot be stolen or destroyed because there is no central server where the data is stored.

The question anyone can ask themselves in this case is: if everyone has access to blockchain, how can a secret be kept? Well, everyone, does not mean to specific data.

The user can only write and read his own data, which in the blockchain are encoded using a cryptographic algorithm, and although it is possible to break a single key, it all depends on the technology, which definitely has a lot of room for improvement in the future. In the era of increasing computational power of computers and vision of quantum computer, for cryptography and computer science specialists it will mean a lot of work.

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What will change and alter Blockchain, the prospects for you and the world

What can we save in Blockchain technology? All operations, where there are two sides to the deal, so:

  • selling electricity;
  • trading in property rights in the real estate market;
  • recording the working time of both people and equipment;
  • money transfers, trading public funds, paying contributions and paying taxes;
  • e-mails with no possibility of anti-addition and falsification of content;
  • remote control of industrial automation devices, smart homes or medical equipment;
  • sale of services and reservations, including air tickets, accommodation, insurance, subscriptions.

Blockchain as a measure of technological success?

Awareness of the possibilities of Blockchain technology makes us aware that we are in the process of digital revolution!

Operations with Blockchain bypass many respectable institutions, and that means:

  • reduced control of financial operations by central authorities
  • greater security of personal data;
  • elections to government and local authorities must not be falsified;
  • end of power for banks and notaries;
  • the need for synergy of the current state of affairs with the future.

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Are there any changes already visible?

Yes, there are.

  • Microsoft accepts Bitcoin payments from 2014;
  • since 2015 there is a consortium consisting of Bank of America, Citi, HSBC and ING, among others, which develops Blockchain technology;
  • since 2016, Citi bank introduced a crypto Citicoin;
  • According to surveys conducted among tycoons, Blockchain is currently the most promising IT technology.
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