50 Cent and others: rap stars who could make millions on BTC

Many different celebrities have long mentioned the advantages of Bitcoin and have used digital assets in some of their own projects. To look away for a long time: 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg and Taliban Kweli – all of them sold their albums for BTC. Today we will consider how they came out of it.

50 Cent

50 CentW 2018 cryptic enthusiasts again turned their growth towards Curtis Jackson III, also known as 50 Cent. In 2014 he sold his album “Animal Ambition” for cryptocurrencies. How much did BTC fans pay him for the album? Astronomical number 700 BTC (that’s over $6 million at today’s rate). The album was also on the fourth place of Billboard’s charts and sold 124 000 copies in total.

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But this is not the end. A few years later, in 2017, when BTC rose to 11,000 USD for coin, the rapper released a photo of an article on Instagram, which noted that he was selling his records for BTC.

– Not bad for a South Side kid, I’m so proud of myself,” the rapper told his fans.

And he added that… he forgot about those 700 BTCs (perfect breeding attitude, Mr. 50 Cent!). Then he was spinning a bit and it wasn’t clear whether he finally sold his coins or still has them. Anyway, he did some good business on it.

50 Cent still claims to this day that he was one of the first rappers to accept payments in BTC for selling his albums, and several other musicians of this trend followed in his footsteps soon after.

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The Talib Khwali and others

Talib Kweli’s rapper, in turn, sold his album “India 500, containing 9th Wonder” for BTC already in 2015, still before it became fashionable. He did this through the no longer existing Coinbase Zapchain app.

Another prolific rapper, Nas, also appreciated BTC. In 2014, he told Coindesk:

“[Bitcoin] will turn into a market as big, if not bigger, than the Internet. My man, Ben Horowitz, really opened my eyes to this … It’s not about the [new] internet age, Bitcoin is its age. Of course there are security and privacy challenges, but the Internet was the same 20 years ago.

He also admitted that he was one of the first to invest in Coinbase.

No one knows if we’re a bitcoin millionaire now, but there’s a chance.

Eminem singing about BTC

It is worth mentioning that the king of the “white” rap, Eminem, although he did not decide to sell the albums in exchange for BTC, placed the topic of Bitcoins on his album “Kamikaze”. In the eighth track on the album, entitled “Not Alike”, in which Royce Da 5’9” also appears, Royce shouts:

“Remember, everybody used to bite the nickels, now everybody bites Bitcoin.”

Stars and cryptos

Many other celebrities have used cryptocurrencies for marketing purposes. Industry portals mentioned famous people in such a context, such as Paris Hilton (she advertised one ICO), DJ Khalid, Akon, Gwyneth Paltrow or Ashton Kutcher.

Paltrow, for example, works with Abra in this market, while Snoop Dogg, for example, claims that he earned even more from BTC selling his music than 50 Cent did (but there is no clear evidence of this). Kutcher once supported the Ellen DeGeneres foundation with XRP tokens.

To conclude: the truth is that no one really knows if these stars are cryptic millionaires. This is because of the anonymity of their wallets on BTC. But is that bad? Absolutely! Celebrities and famous artists have the same right to privacy in financial matters as all of us.

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